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Triple sales by using sequence marketing to show ads to the people that want to see them.

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Fix the mistake almost every top website is making

Replace advertising based on interaction and goal completion

The most common marketing mistake websites make, is showing email subscribe boxes to people who have already signed up for their mailing list. Using WhyCompete you can automatically update adverts to reflect where a user is in your sales funnel.

This means that once someone subscribes, you can replace the email form with an advert of the next product or page you want to promote.

Optin Discount

Show different adverts based on the subject of a page

One of the biggest reasons why advertising doesn’t convert, is because it’s not targeted enough to the audience it’s trying to sell to. Using WhyCompete, you can display advertising based on elements on the page, such as text, links and images.

This means you can show different adverts to different categories, tags, authors and even subjects.

Different adverts

Retarget people who look at sales page but don’t buy

On average, over 95% of people who visit your sales page won’t buy your product. Using retargeting, you can update your website adverts to convince visitors to come back to your sales pages and buy.

This is a great opportunity to offer an incentive such as discounts. Improve your conversions further by including a time constraint.

Get off $10

Offer multiple purchase discounts to customers, who are interested in buying multiple products

Often a website will sell multiple products targeted at the same person. If you find someone looking at multiple sales pages, you can show adverts offering a discount for buying all products at the same time.

Get off $20

Allows users to skip adverts to increase engagement

Sometimes a user just won’t be interested in your advertising, use this feature to let them close your advert. The good things about this, is that at a subconscious level, it teaches them to click your advertising.

One idea you may want to try is using this feature to double up on your chance to convert a visitor. If they click no thank, then you canload another advert and maybe they will like this one.

No thanks

Instantly double up conversions with autoloading adverts

Some adverts don’t require a user to leave a page, such as a Facebook like box. Why not use this as an opportunity to double up on your conversions.

As soon as someone likes your page using your Facebook like box, update this advert to show a Facebook share box.

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